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troubled water

by aaron ross

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it’s the beginning of the end and I’ve fallen like a soldier the band has left the stage and the great romance is over been tryin to find a friend when everyone’s a stranger I turn on the screen and it tells me I’m in danger and I don’t go to church cause I don’t need a savior what do I need saving from is it really such a drag to be here they’re all tryin to get out while they can maybe babe we’re in the promised land I feel lucky to be alive I’ve looked death right in the eyes oh lord oh lord what if they won’t let me in what if I don’t make it to heaven it’s the beginning of the end and the darkness changes shapes now we’re back and forth through these dimensions at a rate so fast it stays now I won’t conform to the illusion find beauty in the gray clouds everything is prostituted takes all your energy just to get out and in their eyes you see they’re slippin every shadow casts a doubt I’ve never been one for forgiving I guess it’s time to lay that down everyone can feel it’s ending and our spirits cling to the earth born again like a cicada and forever we will return oh lord oh lord goodbye you age of innocence you’ll have to carry me in I gave my all to the wind it’s the beginning of the end and the final curtain’s drawing the dreamers dip their pens in the blood of a new morning and the actor feeds their vice with the crowd of dead applauding the world’s at war with itself the masqueraders plotting there’s so much to see outside the realm of your thinking never underestimate the power of what happens in the meantime the pursuit of happiness you forget what you were made of it’s weightless all the risk promise me you’ll never give up oh lord oh lord my heart is calling again back to the state of no mindness I’m going to live in each moment and nothing will truly ever end
now is the time but it’s bound to leave an eye for an eye is all I ever see last time I saw you you were lost in the heap a needle in the arm and a cross on your ring it’s another pink moon got those old cocaine blues don't want to hear the news I have nothing to lose I guess I aim low stick to the ground and the roots you’re in a world of hurt and you're looking for proof I say when will it end and you tell me high noon I don’t fear the change that is comin soon oh those misty mountain moods got a record on the juke and I’m wearing a dead man’s suit I have nothing to lose lost like a bird in the city street oh sweet surrender and the drug of defeat some call it alchemy some say you’re a freak they’ll never know the eleusinian mysteries in the evenings purple hue I open my heart to my muse even if I’m captured no matter what I do I have nothing to lose you can give your weight to me I’ll fly it high and set it free this is not the land of make believe truth and consequence the only majesties and even if we do retire we’ll live on through our tragedies Lilith oh Lilith let me fly on your wings I’ll be released any day now from these earthly strings nobody keeps going they all turn away never give up I was told by the stage don’t you know gold is for the fools my intentions they are not cruel I stopped following the rules I have nothing to lose
and now that the king is dead a bullet in the head he graced the cover of the times we are just peasants in the street never make ends meet picking up the bread crumbs like a dove hey Henry Thoreau it’s really not that simple I’m barely hangin on the common thread is gone I fell asleep in life and now a new day rages on it’s just life on the farm it’s just the price you pay new lists of rules to which you must conform even though everything could put you in the grave hey Vincent Van Gogh no stars in the dark night of the soul they tell me I have a spirit of old but I’ve got no place to go and my heart's on fire this wide eyed wonder the ship has sailed all of the dealers have gone for help don’t you know only you can help yourself first you must have a vision that you’re blind and now that god did not save the queen you’re questioning even if there is a god they built the world like the pyramids orchestrated without a single hole in the plot hey Joan of Arc nineteen is far too young to be a martyr and I know I’m damaged goods I never really ever left the woods I believed the liar with wide eyed wonder what will you sacrifice you’ll pay the fee to feed your vice you’re already going the speed of light you’re already speaking with your mind and now that they took down the wall we’ll begin again to pick up the pieces that were broken every season has nine lives you’ll never forget where your thoughts have been hey Carl Jung I am what I choose to become I drank all through the night sang loudly “auld lang syne” traveled through dimensions space and time and stopped to smell the roses on my grave nothing you can save it’s all set to expire no way to escape the heart on fire
in this your darkest hour you watch the falling towers you dream about the days when you were young you bridged dichotomies drank poison like Socrates smoked the same cigarettes as me into your lungs now you must start the fire and bang the drums some talk about tomorrow but tomorrow never comes now it’s day is done like midnight you were melancholy the morphine dripped into your dreams you peered behind the wall you built around yourself oh time, what side are you on? new world orders spawn it’s lining up like ducks in a row so don’t try and kill your pain use it to wake up they keep creating the future though tomorrow never comes and now this day is done martyred for those old regrets you packed your bags and went out west you trampled on the graves of those who stole so much you’re still your mother’s child you run like river’s wild just trying to catch the comet before it’s gone your existence slips through the cracks the great empire goes down with the sun they say do it tomorrow though tomorrow never comes and now it’s day is done the hands of power change behind the cloak down the road at bohemian grove they’re building a world where there is no death I know you march to a different beat you only believe in peace it glimmers in the picture of what’s left sing all those voices now play loud the harp of love you’ll never greet tomorrow for tomorrow never comes and now this day is done now the day is done
I wish that I could get high with you like long ago when we’re wasted youth philosophizing these modern fables while never having a seat at the table we were all alone thought we were all knowing it’s all right it’s all right to go you suffered long you suffered like a raging bull you’re hanging on your bones your heart beat like a dial tone following this ancient wisdom it’s like the world gave up on us passed us by like a city bus inside us all there’s a little Cain and Abel nothing’s changed since the dark ages we were all alone thought we were all knowing change is knocking change is knocking at the door the kind of calling the kind of calling you can’t ignore you're' dancin on your own orphaned by the heart that you call home believin all this ancient wisdom don’t ask why you go in circles if it’s something you don’t know then you don’t know eat the fruit the tree of knowledge going down in history it's such a long way to go a long long way to go you should take it on the road heart so full it could explode finding out this ancient wisdom everything you believe in is a ghost so many things beyond your hopes carrying out this ancient wisdom I wish I could get high with you but we both had to settle down
no more hurt 05:10
you’re safe from the outside still afraid of your life not a singer though you hear the melody as the rain falls on the trees are you keeping time or do you let it fall away and blow on like the leaves are you in your best mind the vampires are out to get you they blame it on their name you can’t waste the moment on their foolish games it’s cold when you’re on thin ice on the precipice of finding the light you’re nobody’s lover you don’t even love yourself you created your own hell are you reading minds or staring deep into the void ignoring the signs of the times is this the space you must find the vampires they don’t love you they just want to taste your blood a mainline to your heart and your designer drugs someday baby we will be free no longer have to be paranoid there’s so much I want to see but I’ve never had the choice no one can hurt us now no more hurt the vampires won’t have your energy there’s a force field around your eyes what they fear most is synergy they know they won’t survive your mind is like a wasteland where forever glimmers hope no home to come back to so just take another toke you’re safe from the outside still afraid of your life
blue as the blood that is flowing through our veins from the outside in we are one and the same victimized by violence like a rat in a cage came a long long way to start over again there's no such thing as borderlines only these bridges from yours to mine light your fire darling please don’t hide it away if it takes all I have have then I don’t wanna be alive don’t want to be on the side winning or losing the fight the history books lied to us made wrongs out of rights the heroes were fallen and hexed by their pride rolling stones left petrified there’s no denial of the changing tide you lost the lines you held inside of your palm there is no love in holy war destroy it all to save our mores money and power are at the root so many slain in the name of so called truth it did them no good to shed all that blood generations of enemies face down in the mud they don’t fight like Ali they hold a sword or a gun like cowards they rob from the innocent ones all the voices cry in pain driving down the lost highway where now only these roadside memorials remain a flame like the sun burns in my heart till dawn out the boarded up windows the band marches on they beheaded the prophets and gunned the great leaders down now there’s nobody left to meet out on the battle ground head is full of only lies wrestle with the hands of time watch that they don’t make a mime out of you sacrificial lambs bring holy war heaven's gate is knocking at death's door since the beginning we followed the moon long ago they tried to warn us of the coming doom are you a prisoner of holy war they always told you less is more someday I know it we will be free and bury all the remnants of this rugged history
the future 05:41
all of this will pass by on it’s way to the main event come on babe please don’t cry unless of course those are just tears of joy is there a way of life there arez so many doors it’s the only way I know holding on I never can let go it’s heavier than your soul after all I’m just an animal just an animal why did I go so high honestly I was bored to death they’re flying freedom flags all it means is that they lost a bet you’re never satisfied there is no reason or rhyme you didn’t reach your goal was the goal to find out what else there was a gravitational pull you know you have to find yourself find yourself it’s a heavy load to take up this mountain to chain around your throat we must let things go detach from all even if you choke all my life I’ve lived in sorrow now I don’t give a fuck about tomorrow do you think about the future when you can do whatever suits ya we’re all god’s children god is a woman someday Aphrodite will fulfill her vision the full moon hummin the second coming it feels like it’s ending well it’s always been ending do you think about the future


released July 4, 2022

Zach Peach :drums
Hunter Jones:pedal steel


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aaron ross Grass Valley, California

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